A learning game that teaches you how to solve challenging life situations, achieve your goals and change the world around you.

2-week training course:

11 methods, practical tasks & webinars


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Do you sometimes feel that it is easy to understand what you want to do, but it is much more challenging to realize? How to achieve your goal? We often have many different fears and doubts that prevent us from either starting our first steps or continuing our hopeful beginning.

Course methods are designed to change the habits that affect what you are experiencing but want to change. It can be related to a wide range of areas of life - your current job, looking for a new job, career development, relationship building, or financial issues.

"11 Laws of Attraction" is a learning course, the methods of which help to change the surrounding situation in life through changes in oneself, one's perceptions, and attitudes.

The learning game will be at your disposal for one month, during which you will be able to work on achieving your goals at your discretion.










How do you play?

  • 1. Apply for the game

    Get access to the 11humans network with your personal game room.

  • 2. Explore and try out the methods

    Receive a new method and video materials every day.

  • 3. Complete the tasks

    Complete and submit tasks within 24 hours (until the next day at 3:00 p.m.)

  • 4. Grow

    While doing the tasks, you will discover more and more about your interests and passions.

  • 5. Collect points

    Every task you complete on time gives you rewards that you can later turn into a discount on our courses.

What will you gain?

1. You will discover what is hindering the achievement of your goals

The tasks of the game will help you understand which blocks prevent you from achieving your goals. By using "Synthesis and Affirmation" methods, you will be able to reduce these blocks.

2. Unique and valuable methods

The game includes 11 valuable techniques, including four unique methods designed to help you achieve your life goals even more effectively!

3. You will learn how to change the perceptions that hinder the achievement of what you want

The practical methods included in the learning game will help you understand how to change the perceptions that hinder the achievement of goals and experience what you want.

4. You will get access to the training game for 1 month

The learning game lasts 2 weeks, but the tasks and methods will be at your disposal 1 month after the purchase. We recommend using this opportunity and continuing to practice the methods throughout the month!

5. Supportive webinar with trainer

Support is important during the learning process, therefore we offer a webinar with a trainer, where we discuss what we have learned, as well as answer the current questions of the participants.

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