Effective methods that help you start the path to your dream job!

Level 2 of the learning game "Find your passion" consists of methods that help you understand the most suitable ways to start your dream job.


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Do you sometimes find it easy to figure out your right job and understand what you want to do in your life, but it's much harder to realize it? How to get to the set goal, to your dream job? We often have many different fears and doubts that prevent us from taking the first steps or continuing hopeful beginnings.




"Ja darbā vēlies pārmaiņas, iesaku izmēģināt šo spēli. Lieliskas metodes, kā sevi izprast, attīstīt un motivēt. Noderēs, ja esi strupceļā ar savas aizraušanās atrašanu.”


“Ja man būtu iespēja spēlēt šo spēli pirms trīs gadiem, tad dzīve jau tagad, iespējams, būtu daudz veiksmīgāka un finansiāli stabilāka. Paziņas 15 dienu laikā manī pamanīja lielas izmaiņas un prasīja, kā šo spēli var spēlēt.”









How do you play?

  • 1. Apply for the game

    Get access to the 11humans network with your personal game room.

  • 2. Explore and try out the methods

    Receive a new method and video materials every day.

  • 3. Complete the tasks

    Complete and submit tasks within 24 hours (until the next day at 3:00 p.m.)

  • 4. Grow

    While doing the tasks, you will discover more and more about your interests and passions.

  • 5. Collect points

    Every task you complete on time gives you rewards that you can later turn into a discount on our courses.

What will you gain?

1. You will learn how to overcome doubts to achieve your goals

Level 2 of the learning game includes in-depth methods to help you understand and learn how to overcome doubts by choosing the industry and job you want and taking the first steps towards it.

2. You will find out how to look for a new job without risking the existing one

The tasks of the learning game will allow you to find out how to find a new job without risking your current job. Why is this important? First of all, you may want to check if the industry or company you are looking for is right for you. Secondly, stability is important to each of us in life, so significant changes have to be made wisely and gradually.

3. You will gain a plan and clarity on how to move towards your goals with your daily choices

A clear goal creates opportunities in your life. According to your long-term goal, you will create a daily plan so that daily choices lead in the direction of your goal.

4. You will discover how to motivate yourself so that the path to your goal will bring joy

Learning game methods will help to understand how to motivate yourself to go to the goal, not with clenched teeth, but skillfully using flows and "prizes" to "support" yourself and your body.

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Want to make sure the game is for you?

This game will be suitable for you if..

  • You already have a job, but feel out of place;

  • Your job has become mundane and you lack motivation;

  • You feel that the changes in the global job market (also the pandemic, AI, automatization) are threatening your professional position;

  • You are a new mother in need of a change in workload when transitioning back to work after parental leave;

  • You are an entrepreneur who dreams about starting your own business but don’t know where to start and what would be the best industry or niche to jump in;

  • You are without work, not knowing what next step to take;

  • You are a young person struggling to decide which study programme or professional direction to choose;

  • You know that work should not only be a source of income but should also bring you joy and fulfilment;

  • You are a leader who wants to understand how to better motivate your employees;

  • You are a parent who wants to understand what motivates your children and how they could better understand how to find their passion.

This game is not for you if..

  • You are perfectly happy with the job you have (we are sincerely happy in that case!);

  • You believe that finding your “real job” is a matter of luck and you cannot affect it;

  • You believe a job is only there to make you money and has nothing to do with passion and a sense of purpose;

  • You do not believe that finding a greater purpose in what you do is necessary;

  • This training program is not suitable for you if you are sure that your work will not be affected by pandemics and artificial intelligence in the existing industry.