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Inspired life asks for constant improvement. Skills and knowledge is base for life for our Souls and Living with full potential.

Do it with like-minded people

Our mind and Subconscious need to see the experiences of other people in the moments when we are developing. Use the unique platform of 11humans and the experience of thousands of other people to solve your life's problems!

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Methodes for a wonderful life

Ignorance, incompetence costs us the most in life. Give strength and hope to your life! Feel your power and opportunity to change, improve relationships, health, self-esteem!

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The average rating for these courses is 9.5 out of 10.

Why do people rate their experience on these courses so highly? - we know only partially, because each person deals with what is most important to him in life :) But we promise that we try to create courses only according to those methods that can really, practically help and help in everyday life



  • After the Mans Labais Svars course: "I got rid of 6 kilograms with these methods. Surprisingly easy! When I understood how to change the settings in my subconscious, I realized that this is only the beginning of what I can improve in life with these methods!''

    Elīna Ledņika

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  • After the communication course: ''These methods helped a lot to improve conversations with parents. And I understood why at work sometimes I have to negotiate with difficult cooperation partners. It's amazing how important it really is if there are methods to better talk to "irrational" people.''


  • After the Find Your Passion course: "If only I had used these techniques and principles when I was young!!! I would have saved so much time and money. It's such an amazingly uplifting feeling to realize your heart's calling!"

    Egīls Jermačenko

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We have been creating various learning processes for 12 years. The task - so that they are maximally helpful for the transformations of our lives!

COURSE: Find Your Passion Level 1

The ability to understand what is primary for you in life, in order to do your work, which is in line with your calling! The methods are also very essential for working with your stress, planning your future.

COURSE: Find Your Passion 2nd level

About 50% of people often find it difficult to imagine that they could do something extraordinary! The ability to "step out of your box". How to see yourself anew.

COURSE: Communication with yourself and the world!

Various methods united by these basic principles. 1. Man is irrational by nature. Instead of facts and arguments, one hears more emotions and attitudes. 2. When communicating with others, 90% depends on how ... we talk to ourselves! That is why people in communication courses often do not know how to change the results of communication, because they forget that they also need to develop their attitude towards themselves, the ability to be conscious in conversations!

COURSE: My Good Weight 1st to 4th level

Our body is not a calorie processing machine. Our body is a unique, extremely complex system that is ... ALIVE. To be able to lose weight organically, you have to learn to cooperate with this system, our magical body. Because the body contains an enormous number of functioning elements that are part of our consciousness. Therefore, we have to deal with the weight issue at the Subconscious level.


Our development happens through daily habits. This is a "slow" development process with one method each week. Each of the methods is fundamental for improving well-being, attitude, and communication.


You can join a minimum of one webinar per month. Either ask your question directly or be in the general flow of conversations about methods that allow you to solve serious life challenges, transform and improve lives!

Whatsapp group "Mazais Aplis"

We become it in whatever stream of information we are. In order to remind yourself from time to time of what is essential in your development in the rush of life, there is this group, which will have less noise, but more information about methods related to development, self-understanding, also some scientific research and comments by Zuargus.

As always, you can participate in the courses anonymously!

Go at your own pace. Do it when it's more convenient for you. Remember about choms - talking about what you are learning helps the Subconscious to help you :)


Webinars are the biggest opportunity to clarify your questions directly to Zuargus! We meet at least once a month!


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